Church sends semi-truck full of donations to flood victims

The semi truck with food, tools, and basic necessities left around 9 p.m. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The generosity of the Indianapolis community was on full display Wednesday night at a southwest side church.

An entire semi truck load of supplies was packed for Louisiana at Charity Church.

The semi truck with food, tools, and basic necessities left around 9 p.m.

“The scale of what’s happened in Louisiana is gigantic. There’s about 40,000 people that have been displaced,” Charity Church Pastor Paul Slagle said.

“It’s heart wrenching,” Volunteer Todd Francis said.

Members of Charity Church have come together to help the victims of Louisiana flooding and Kokomo tornadoes.

“Right after we launched this campaign to help Louisiana the tragedy hit in our own backyard in Kokomo,” Slagle said.

They originally had a goal of filling up a small trailer with donations, but they got enough donations to send an entire semi truck to Louisiana.

And that’s just the beginning.

“The second semi we hope to fill is going to Kokomo, then the third semi we’re already working on will go to Louisiana so we’re just trying to help out any way we can,” Slagle said.

The items they need donated are very easy to find at your local grocery store, anything from boxed meals to toothpaste.

“Just knowing that people need the basics of life, we got a phone call today from a rescue mission in Kokomo they’re out of toilet paper, paper towels,” Francis said.

Volunteer Todd Francis has joined forces with Pastor Paul Slagle to motivate others to give.

“Today alone I know about $8,000 that’s come in from businesses, several organizations around the city have just collected and come together and made it happen,” Slagle said.

The group celebrated the departure of their first semi truck full of blessings, but they also have plans to help in other ways in the future.

“Especially with Kokomo here in the next few weeks we’re actually going to send teams of people to go out there and help rebuild,” Slagle said.

Charity Church is still asking for donations to fill up two more semi truck trailers.

The address is 2700 South Tibbs and for more on the church, click here.

The items in highest demand are paper towels, toilet paper, bedding, and rakes for cleaning up leaves and debris.

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