Hogsett announces new street light locations for Operation Night Light

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – More streetlights are being installed all across the city as part of an initiative by Mayor Joe Hogsett.

“Operation Night Light” aims to make neighborhoods safer and to brighten the city.

In June, the first street lights went in. At that point it had been more than three decades since any new street lights anywhere in Indianapolis have been installed. Mayor Hogsett signed an executive order to end the city’s 35 year moratorium on new city-funded street lights.

Neighbors in the east side block, which got the first light, said they’ve seen a difference. “Before the light was up it was like, dang man,” D’Marcus Spencer said. “What is that? Now, that the light is up, I can look out my window and describe or see what I’m looking at versus just seeing a shadow.”

Now the mayor’s office and the city of Indianapolis announced where the additional lights are being installed.

“Since the launch of Operation Night Light, we have engaged neighborhood leaders, analyzed public safety data and listened to constituent requests, in an effort to make our street light infrastructure reflect the needs of the city,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett. “Today I am proud to announce the location of the first 25 new street lights and look forward to the continued involvement of the community in order to bring light to darkened streets and hope to forgotten neighborhoods.”

The second light was added to West Vermont Street. It’s a place city leaders said has experienced prostitution and dumping. “It was pretty dark at night,” Indiana resident, Cavel John said. “I mean, I like nature, and to walk, but I really wouldn’t take a chance walking at night because it’s really dark.”

IPL is studying lighting throughout the city to determine the best and most cost-effective options to enhance safety and quality of life and depending on existing lighting, IPL workers had to either match bulbs or order new construction.

Map of the where the new streetlights will go.
Map of the where the new street lights will go.


A larger map can be viewed below.

The mayor’s office says there are three factors for installing new lights. First is for community growth for areas that have seen high community expansion and development. Second, for neighborhood requests, people from around Indianapolis have been requesting light installation for their neighborhoods. Third, for public safety: DPW and IMPD are looking at focus areas and accident rates to determine streets with the highest public safety need.

These are the locations for the new street lights:

  • Nowland Ave- Parker Ave to Oakland Avenue
  • 850 N LaSalle Street
  • 612 North LaSalle Street-between North Street and St. Clair Street
  • 5890 West Vermont Street- at the dead end
  • 1223 North Temple Avenue
  • 2026 Sugar Grove Avenue
  • 1041 West 28th Street
  • 10102 East 42nd Street
  • 3718 North Bancroft Street
  • 2323 Columbia Avenue
  • 10th and Tecumseh Street
  • 2817 North Denny Street
  • 4000 North Eastern-between 40th Street and Millersville Road
  • 5947 Staughton Drive
  • 838 West 25th Street
  • 2422 St. Paul Street
  • 2240 South villa Avenue
  • 1200 Edgewood Drive-between 11th Street and 13th Street
  • 925 North Kealing Avenue
  • 2227 West 14th Street
  • 3905 Miller Drive
  • 832 Carlyle Place-between 9th Street and St. Joseph Street
  • 1040 West 26th Street
  • 3850 North Franklin Road
  • 8801 Bel Air Drive

The Mayors Action Center will continue accepting Phase One requests for new streetlights. Residents can make a request by calling 317-327-4MAC, Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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