Pence previews Trump’s immigration speech

(CNN Photo)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WISH) –¬†Mike Pence was in Sarasota, Florida Wednesday talking about immigration.

The Indiana governor will be introducing Donald Trump for the immigration speech he plans to deliver in Arizona Wednesday evening.

Pence shared his expectations for the that speech.

He said a rally that the speech will be about security and said he’s excited to hear what Trump has to say. He told the crowd that, among other things, the GOP nominee will spell out the differences between his immigration policy and that of Hillary Clinton.

“I expect he’s gonna make it real clear we’re gonna restore the borders of this country,” he said. “We’re gonna build a wall. We’re gonna stop the flood of illegal immigration and illicit drugs that are coming into the United States of America.”

Pence talked about the Trump visit to Mexico on CNN saying, “What the American people are seeing here today is the kind of decisive President that Donald Trump will be. He gets an invitation late last week from the President of Mexico and essentially drops what he’s doing to sit down, have a private conversation, and begin a relationship.”

His rally in Sarasota was started an hour late because the rain in Florida held him up. As a result, he spoke to the rally for only about 20 minutes, about half what he normally does.

He told the crowd he had to catch a plane to get to Arizona.


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