Air quality ‘a concern’ in Nora Elementary gym

(WLFI Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Nora Elementary in the Washington Township school district, has confirmed there is black mold in the school.

According to the release, it was found because of an anonymous concern received on Aug. 25.

Washington Township Schools then tested the air quality and found the air quality was of concern in the gym.

The gym is closed and they are working on bringing the air quality back to standards.

In the meantime, students will have gym class outside or in another part of the building.

A parent released a statement saying in part, “I know their (Nora Elementary) interest is always to keep our children safe, however my son’s classroom is right next to the gym and it scares me to think about his proximity to the problem. I worry about the limited time that our kids have to get the physical activity that they need in a day. The need to restrict access to the gym for an extended period of time is understandable, but frustrating as a parent.”

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