Ashley Furniture’s Hope to Dream campaign

Ashley Furniture’s Jeff Halling, Regional Vice President of Sales, & A Hope to Dream’s Katie Reed are here to help you find the perfect bed for you!


At each of Ashley Furniture’s 3 Indianapolis locations, (Avon, Greenwood and Castleton) sleep experts go through the Sleep Assessment with every guest. The Sleep Assessment goes through personal questions that will allows the sleep experts to guide you to the best mattress to ensure the best nigh’ts sleep.

Sleep Assessment questions.

  1. Are you a Side, stomach or back sleeper?
  2. Any back or body pain during the day or at night?
  3. Do you have allergies?
  4. How long does it take you to fall asleep?
  5. Does your sleep partner toss and turn and does it wake you up?
  6. Do you need an alarm clock to wake up every day?

Based on your answers to these questions, the sleep experts are able to match you with the mattress that best supports your  needs, whether it is firm to ultra plush mattress type.

On top of ensuring that Ashley Furniture matches you with the mattress that best supports your body and sleep needs, a portion of every mattress purchase goes directly to Hope to Dream, where Ashley Furniture provides beds to children in need.

  • Hope to Dream was started in 2006 after the company noticed there were many kids sleeping on floors or sharing beds with many siblings and made a commitment to do something about it.
  • Since 2015, Ashley Furniture has given away over 3500 beds
  • People can nominate a family or apply themselves in any Ashley Furniture store or online at
  • This year, Ashley Furniture partnered with the Indianapolis Colts to give 100 beds to children in need at a Mini Camp with some players and surprised the children with beds, sheets, pillows, comforters!


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