Kokomo mayor seeks cleanup volunteers, unveils 7 day recovery plan

(WISH Photo)

KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) — City leaders in Kokomo need your help cleaning up from last week’s tornadoes.

Mayor Greg Goodnight is asking volunteers to help clean up. He said his team will assign volunteers to specific neighborhoods.

“We’re into the cleanup stage. We need to, as quickly as possible, move on to the rebuilding stage,” Goodnight said.

The volunteer push is part of a seven day recovery plan Goodnight introduced this week.

Anyone interested in cleaning up should register here. They’ll sign waivers and complete a short training session before hitting the streets and moving debris to curbs. Volunteers are asked to bring their own rakes and shovels.

City leaders are asking people to keep working Sunday and Monday.

Annie Adams is getting a head start. She piled up branches Friday at Highland Park.

“There are a whole lot of other people hurting worse than we are, and you just need to get up and help out,” Adams said.

Early next week, the mayor’s team will coordinate with cleanup crews from other cities. More than 30 cities offered to help, according to Goodnight.

Goodnight said his team will reassess their plan next week and decide what the city’s needs are.

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