Second grade class takes virtual field trips around the world

(WISH Photo)

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) —  A teacher in Greenfield is taking her students to places like South America and Antarctica with virtual field trips. At J.B. Stephens Elementary School, the second-graders are some of the most well-traveled people in Hancock County.

Angie Graddy is the teacher in the looping classroom. Graddy taught the students when they were in first grade last year, and now teaches the same students in second grade. Last year the group Skyped more than 38,000 miles.

“There’s a lot out there and I want to show them and let them experience it without actually going there. It’s important for the kids here to see there’s other things out there besides these four walls,” said Graddy.

On Skype the kids can interact with people and animals all over the world.

“I don’t think I would ever go there [to Antarctica] in person, so it’s cool to like see it and how it looks,” said seven-year-old Ava Parker.

During each Skype session, kids have the chance to ask questions and talk to experts, instead of just reading about them.

“We’re in the 21st century and we have to get on board,” said Graddy.

Now, Graddy is encouraging more districts sign on to Skype.

“I hope that Skype catches on with more people.I think it’s a huge opportunity especially with high school kids.You can Skype with anybody in the world. You can learn so much from other people. Why not do it?” said Graddy.

Parker said she hopes other kids get the chance to Skype too.

“You can Skype with thousands of places…you connect with all these people,” said Parker.

This year the class hopes to Skype with someone in every state in the country.

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