Rap song helps Indy students learn math

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Some Indianapolis students have found a creative way to learn about math.

Fourth grade students at Grassy Creek Elementary School have been learning about rounding numbers for the last couple of weeks. Their interactive lesson plan was shared across social media.

“I try to integrate music and rap into the daily curriculum — something to keep the kids active and having fun — and then we use it year in and year out,” said Dustin Ecker, a fourth grade teacher at the school. “The rap is something we found on YouTube. It’s just something that we like to do each year.”

The video has more than 25,000 views on Facebook.

“Find the place value, circle the digit, move to the right and underline it,” students sing along in the video.

Fourth grade students from Ecker’s class are having fun with learning.

“If you listen closely, it’s actually telling you what to say, besides like flex your muscle and stuff that’s just making it fun,” student Re’onna Miller explained. “But you can actually listen and it’s telling you what to do when you’re rounding.”

Some students, like Nolan Hamilton, were initially hesitant.

“When Mr. Ecker first showed it to us I didn’t really know that it will help me,” Hamilton said.

But now students said it’s helping them in more ways than one.

“We always did rounding before the rap, and it was kind of hard for me to understand until we did the song,” student Azaria Bido said.

Once they were comfortable with the rap, Ecker said they dived into other strategies, like using a rounding hill and number lines.

“You see the result too when they complete assignments or quizzes and everything else and they see the success and how proud they are of their work,” Ecker said.

And students said their parents are happy with the outcome.

“I showed my mom first, and she was like, ‘Where did you get that from? and I said, ‘My teacher,'” student Anayiah Williams said. “‘OK, let me show it to your dad,’ and he said, ‘I like it.’”

Now students said they can’t stop moving when they’re doing their homework.

“Sometimes when I’m doing my homework I just get up and do it when we have rounding on our homework,” student Nalani Beard said.

Ecker said his students will learn about multiplication next. He’s already thinking about coming up with an original song to help them with that lesson.

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