30 Second Hair Styles For Fall

dry-shampooKarina Reske, Beauty & Style Expert, has some fantastic style tips for those of use without a lot of time on our hands!  She’s brought some products along to help your hair look good and have a busy schedule!

Rapid Blow Out

It’s not unusual to lose track of time while belting out your favorite lyrics in the shower. But when you find yourself hastily trying to wring out every drop of water stuck in your locks, you will want some added help. L’oreal Blow Dry It Quick Dry Primer Spray is the magical moisturizing, and drying product that will help dry your hair faster and effortlessly. Just a few sprays of Blow Dry It Quick Dry Spray and running your fingers through hair while blow drying will get the job done! This will speed up your post shower hair routine for the days when you just cannot bring yourself to get in the shower on time.

The Top Knot


For those of us who can’t decide between having our hair up or down, the Top Knot is an easy and chic style to impress even your most hair obsessed friends. Simply add a texturizing spray like Marc Anthony’s Clear Dry Shampoo, let dry for one minute to absorb any oils, and rub into scalp to increase volume. Then, section off the top layer of your hair, and twist the hair into a small bun at the top of your head. Style remaining hair straight or curly! The secret to this style is the volumizing spray, which makes the hair look full despite wearing an updo.

Beautiful Bed Head

We would all love to wake up in the morning and have that perfectly tousled bedhead, but for most of us, this dream is not a reality. Luckily, this look is incredibly easy. Simply twist small sections of damp hair, spritz with a surf spray, and scrunch! A surf spray that works great with this style is Design Essence’s Coconut & Monoi Hair Coconut Water Curl Refresher. While some surf sprays dry out your hair, Design Essentials Curl Refresher revitalizes your curls while moisturizing and nourishing them.

Second Day Style

The Donna Premium Collection Satin Sleep Cap prevents you from having to style your hair in the morning! By falling asleep with your hair securely tucked back in a soft cloth bonnet you have the ability to style at night and preserve your perfect locks till the next day. Can you even imagine not having to style your hair in between picking out the perfect outfit and eating breakfast?

For more on these looks and to check out Karina’s stylist pedigree, check out  karinastylediaries.com, and her Instagram: @karinastylediaries

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