Hate messages left in chalk outside community center

The messages were discovered Wednesday morning at Fletcher Place Community Center. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Vandals targeted a community center with hate messages and left the organization’s leaders to clean up the mess. The messages were discovered Wednesday morning at Fletcher Place Community Center.

The organization provides free meals and clothing to those in need and they have a “pay what you can” preschool program.

“There was KKK, there was white power, and there was swastikas all over,” said Fletcher Place Community Center director, Jessi Langlie.

She says the messages were written in chalk and they covered the sidewalk, walls, back door and support beams outside.

“You couldn’t mistake it, it was there and in your face,” said Langlie.

She said they were able to wash the messages away before families showed up to drop their kids off for preschool, but she said hurt and frustration from the messages still lingers.

“It’s just a slap in the face. It’s a sucker punch. It’s just not right… we have such a great group of people that come here on their worst day when they are in need. That’s the last thing they need to see when they come through our doors,” said Langlie.

Langlie said this isn’t the first time the center has been vandalized. She says someone destroyed several plants and stole pumpkins from their community garden last week.

“Those behaviors are not acceptable. Not in this neighborhood. Not in any neighborhood,” said Langlie.

She’s hoping the acts of hate and vandalism end soon.

“The hope is that it’s one odd individual that’s obviously deranged and it doesn’t represent the community that we serve and that we are within,” said Langlie.

According to an IMPD report, there are no known suspects in this case.

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