Payment dispute stops construction on I-69 project

Bloomington’s mayor said the project might not be done until May of 2018. (WISH photo)

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) — A payment dispute is stopping construction on an I-69 construction project.

Bloomington’s mayor said the project might not be done until May of 2018. He’s now calling on Gov. Pence to take action.

A Bloomington-based construction firm called Crider and Crider walked off the job because a company called Isolux Corsan owes them $2.3 million dollars, according to state leaders.

A state agency wrote to the project’s developer telling them to fix the problem within 30 days. The letter said multiple subcontractors have left or are threatening to leave the project because they’re owed money.

Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton said he originally expected the work to do be done by next month.

“I’m not against trying public-private partnerships. But if it’s not working, the responsibility of government is to step in, fix it and get people back to work here so everybody’s safe and we get our economy humming again,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton blames the construction for traffic jams and accidents on SR 37, which is being worked on as part of the project, including a semi-crash Wednesday morning that closed all lanes and caused at least one injury.

Isolux Corsan did not respond to an email from 24-Hour News 8 asking why they didn’t pay the workers. When 24-Hour News 8 called the project developer, I-69 Development Partners LLC, an employee told a reporter to email Isolux Corsan.

Gov. Mike Pence’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from 24-Hour News 8. Neither did Crider and Crider.

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