Unique Home Solutions salutes National Fall Prevention Month with tips on how you can keep your home safe

Prevent yourself or your loved one from falling with tips from Unique Home Solutions. Home Safety Division Coordinator Penny Stamps has some ideas to help!

Q: What is so special about September?

A. Well, besides it being our Annual Fall Whole House Sale, September is National Fall Prevention Month. It is a great time to educate on ways to help prevent falls in our own homes. 96% of Americans are wanting to remain in their homes… so by following a few simple guidelines, this is very possible.

Q. I don’t think I’m old enough to worry about things like that yet…at what age should you look into these things?

A. Falls know no age limit. I hear all the time that “we aren’t ready for those (grab bars or walk-in tubs) yet. Anyone of any age is at risk of falling, especially in wet areas like your bathroom and kitchen. And, as we age, we lose agility and balance. 1/3 of Americans 65 and over fall each year. (National Council on Aging). Our children can benefit from grab bars in the bathroom or by fixing a broken step at the entrance to the home or adding a railing that leads to the play area in the back yard we could prevent some skinned up knees or broken bones. And, especially if you are going through a remodel anyway, why not just go ahead and install some of these safety devices.

Q. What are some of the things we can do to make our home safe and try to prevent falls?


A. We tend to have a false sense of security because we see things around our home that we think we can use to help us if we start to fall… a shower door handle, a traditional towel rack or a soap shelf in the shower are not made to hold our weight. Replace those with multi-functional accessory grab bars. Some don’t even look like grab bars and no one will know, but they will be there if you need them.
Another thing you should do is remove any loose rugs you have lying around…there are slip resistant flooring options available. Move cords out of the way, replace hard to climb over tubs with a walk-in tub or lower profile shower – maybe consider adding a seat as well for those days you may be a little more unstable.
Replace your windows with an easy clean tilt –in option, install a gutter protection system to keep your feet safely on the ground and not climbing up ladders to clean them out. Installing a new roof and siding that you don’t have to maintain will keep you safe as well. Adding light or additional lighting to darkened entryways or stairs.

Q. We all want to stay independent and do things ourselves but the ramifications of a fall can be very costly…

A. in 2013 the cost of falls was estimated at $34 Billion dollars. And it’s not only the money but the time it takes to heal and the burden we put on others who might have to help take care of us.

Q. What if we can’t do some of these things ourselves?


A. We want our community to be educated and be sure to find a reputable company who will offer excellent customer service, American –made products and great warranties… we offer transferrable warranties on all of our products. We also have Certified Aging in Place Staff who can identify some of your household hazards.

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