EPA to remove lead from residential properties

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The EPA says it plans to remove lead from residential properties in Indianapolis.

The work will begin in late September after traces of lead were found in hundreds of homes around the former American Lead facility.

The estimated $5 million cleanup will include digging a two foot hole on each property that is worked on.

The EPA says once the lead is removed the holes will be refilled.

The EPA held a public meeting Thursday night for folks on the south side.

“We recommend very strongly that if you live outside of our cleanup area or within our cleanup area, that you have your property tested for lead. We want to identify as many lead contaminated properties as we can so that we can remove as much lead from the community as we can,” said Shelly Lamb with the EPA.

100 properties will be worked on.

The work will take several days and lead will be disposed of at a licensed facility.

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