Former McDonald’s employee, others charged in card skimming case

(Provided Photo/Tippecanoe County Jail)

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Three people are charged in a card skimming case at the West Lafayette McDonald’s on Sagamore Parkway.

According to court documents, last year Mekeisha Roberts — a former McDonald’s employee — did all the skimming but police said she had help getting the device and making the fraudulent transactions.

Roberts, Quentin Creamer and Damien Smith all face several charges including conspiracy to commit fraud, theft and information of corrupt business influence.

Roberts told police she estimates skimming at least 100 cards at the drive-thru.

Detectives identified 12 victims in the case.

“How did you pay for your lunch at McDonald’s today?” WLFI’s Kayla Sullivan asked West Lafayette McDonald’s customer Daniel Virden.

“I paid cash for it today, I don’t trust credit cards,” he answered.

Virden knew about card skimming at the McDonald’s on Sagamore Parkway West since it happened last year, but that isn’t why he uses cash now.

“I’ve had identity issues and somebody stole my identity, and took about three grand out of my account,” said Virden.

Oddly enough, the other McDonald’s customer News 18 interviewed on Thursday, Larry Whitesell, has fallen victim to credit card fraud as well.

“I don’t use even cards at gas stations anymore,” said Whitesell. “I’ll go to the ATM, draw cash out, and then go pay for it.”

Whitesell thinks people are getting better at committing fraud.

“They can really do things you can’t imagine,” he said.

Things including running an estimated 100 cards through a skimmer without employees and customers even noticing.

Virden said while people need to be smarter with their cards, McDonald’s is to blame as well.

“Especially, the management,” said Virden. “It needs to be addressed and it needs to be taken care of.”

Virden said it’s a shame people have turned this into a fear of credit cards.

Whitesell said he gets credit card advertisements in the mail and doesn’t even give them a second thought.

“I just put them in the trash,” said Whitesell. “I don’t mess with them.”

And for people who still use cards, take some advice from someone who has been tricked before.

“Watch, carefully with what’s going on,” said Virden. “Cause things will happen.”

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