Old National Bank Has Tips on How You Can Help Children Become Life-Long Savers

bank-2Nashelle J. Gaddis, Financial Empowerment Officer, AVP Old National Bank is here to talk about the importance of getting kids to save money and how to make some spending/savings jars to help motivate them.

  • Utilize four banks, instead of one
  1. A spending bank
  2. A savings bank
  3. An investing bank
  4. A giving bank
  • Encourage children to set savings goals to help purchase big ticket items
  • Save First, Not Last
  • Teach them to think before buying by having a needs versus wants conversation
  • Show them how to be smart shoppers






Mason Jar Banks for Children Supplies
Supplies can be found at any craft store:
3-4 Mason Jars
Pre-slotted Lids

Sample Decoration Supplies:
Paint Brushes
Spray Paint
Tissue Paper
Name Tags

For more information, visit https://www.oldnational.com/personal/bank/savings-account


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