Indianapolis remembers 15 years since 9/11

(WISH Photo/Howard Monroe)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – September 11 hit’s home for many Hoosiers. Locals were killed in the attacks and some went to New York City to help first responders.

At an event at the 9/11 memorial in downtown Indianapolis, the city vowed to never forget.

“We have come here today to honor those who have given so much and continue to give,” said Mike Gatliff, the chaplain for the Indianapolis Fire Department.

Bells tolled to remember four critical events of the attacks: one for when Flight 11 crashed into the north tower, a second for when Flight 175 hit the south tower, another for when Flight 77 hit the Pentagon and a fourth when Flight 93 crashed in Shanskville Pennsylvania.

“We come together today as a changed people. because of the events that took place 15 years ago,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett.

The event here was to remember the nearly 3,000 people killed 15 years ago and to honor the first responders. But they also wanted to recall the lessons learned.

“On that day differences didn’t matter, religion., race politics they didn’t define us that day, said Brig. Gen. Stewart Goodwin, the Executive Director of Indiana War Memorials. “We need to remember that we are Americans first.

Project 9/11 Indy, the same group that brought the memorial to Indianapolis is now looking to expand. They want to bring a piece of Indiana limestone that was once part of the Pentagon back to Indiana.

The group is now raising money via a GoFundMe account.

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