Biggest dog in the world?

He’s HUGE!! At 165 pounds and just over 4 years old, Bruno the Great Dane is taking over our studios! Today on Indy Style, Tyler Sheller, Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, and Patty Spitler, Pet Pals TV, explain the pros and cons to owning a Great Dane and why you really need to consider what goes into owning a Great Dane before taking the leap!

Link to our Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue Facebook page:

Link to their website where you can find all of their available dogs:

Don’t forget, there are still other animals waiting to be adopted. Here they are:


Angel – 6 month old deaf puppy

Dixie – 9 month old GD mix puppy (born in rescue to Dane who came in pregnant)

Hank – 1.5 yr old, bouncy puppy

Paisley – 1.5 yr old, has seizures

Rudy – 3 yrs old Mastiff, been in rescue and waiting for his forever home for over 1 year 😦

Samson – 2.5 years old, SCAREDY CAT lol

Vinnie – 2.5 yrs old, blind and deaf

Zeus – 2.5 years old neat-freak and snuggly

You can learn more at


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