Church hosts over 300 IMPD officers for annual Roll Call

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A church on the lower east side of Indianapolis is hosting more than 300 Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers for its 8th annual Roll Call event.

The goal is to have the community show appreciation for the officers. First shift workers stopped by before heading out on the street for their patrols. Members from The Father’s House, a non-denominational church, served eggs bacon and even cupcakes before they headed out to on their shift.

In 2013, the church launched an effort to supply every IMPD officer with a Trauma Kit that can stop bleeding from an injury in minutes. To date, several lives have been saved by using these Trauma Kits, including an officers shot recently.

The event Friday was about creating communication between community members and the police department. Lenient Don Bender from IMPD says it can really help solve some of the issues in the city.

“It brings the community and the police officers together and anytime we can get closer dialogue with any member of our community we are one step closer to solving problems,” said Lt. Bender.

The event continues all day. As each shift starts, the Father’s House will serve meals to IMPD officers before they head out for their day.

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