Five vehicles totaling more than $100K stolen from Kokomo car lot

Five vehicles worth more than $100,000 were stolen from a Kokomo car dealership. (WISH photo)
Five vehicles worth more than $100,000 were stolen from a Kokomo car dealership. (WISH photo)

KOKOMO, Ind (WISH) — Thieves have stolen several cars from a Kokomo car lot. It happened early Monday morning at What a Deal Motors on Dixon Road near County Road 50. Surveillance cameras caught the suspects in action.

The owner, Scott Eakins said this is the second time he has been targeted. The last time, five or six years ago, the suspects got away with two cars and police later arrested them. After that incident, Eakins invested in surveillance cameras.

“See that’s one of the assailants going out that way,” said Eakins as he reviewed the video.

When he got to work Monday morning, he noticed one of his trucks was missing from his lot. He immediately went inside to his office to review surveillance video.

“There goes the Mustang. He goes pulling out. There goes the Charger. He leaves,” said Eakins.

He believes the thieves got through his office window, broke into the key box and selectively chose five sets of keys. Video shows them return about 30 minutes later. During the first round, they stole three vehicles. They returned a few hours later, and stole two more. Altogether, the suspects got away with five vehicles worth more than $100,000 Eakins estimates.

“They only produced one thousand of those cars and I had one; Charger Super Bee and it only had 17,000 miles on it. So, it was awfully low mileage car. A Mustang Boss, a Chevy diesel truck, they didn’t pick cars that were inexpensive. They picked the nicest things I had,” he said.

As a small business owner, the impact maybe greater on Eakins. He fears he will have to eat most of the costs, “Something like this happens, you know, it’s the loss of maybe an opportunity that you had. The chance that you may not be insurable, there’s a lot of things that run through you’re mind like that.”

But for now, Eakins is focusing on one thing; finding the people responsible, “Whether it might be good and gravy right now, the last people that did this to me went to jail. We do have you guys on film by the way. There’s people actively looking for you,” he warned.

If you have any information that could help in this investigation, call the Kokomo Police Department at 765-456-7100,

The vehicles that were stolen are:

2007 Dodge Charger. Super Bee. Color: yellow

2010 Ford Mustang. Color: silver

2007 Dodge Charger. Color: black

2009 Chevrolet Silverado. 2500 crew cab. Color: black

2014 Dodge Ram. 2500 crew cab. Color: silver

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