How to be an Organized Consignor


Consigning can be overwhelming… if you wait to the last minute. Katie Awwad, of Here We Grow Again, shares her 5 tips to stay on top of your stuff and ways to organize it so you can be ready!

1. Read the rules for the sale and get supplies. Earlier the better. Each HWGA will have different sales dates, tagging supply dates, drop off dates and when tagging closes. Many sales will offer tagging supply pick-ups and offer one on one help getting signed up. All HWGA sales offer tagging parties, so if you know in the fall you will be consigning then go to the spring tagging party.

2. Find your storing location

As the kids grow out of items you can easily keep them in a labeled tub. This prevents you having to go through every closet right before the sale and have the kids try on everything. Laundry rooms are great place to place two tubs in (if you have the room). Mark the tubs fall and spring. If you want to take it another step have a tub for each gender and season. When you wash clothes and you know they are too little then place those items in the appropriate tub. You can use pop up hampers in closets if room is issue. You can add shoes (after washing) to these tubs as well.

3. Add a day a month to hang or find toys and add to calendar.

If you want to be a rock star, have hangers in those tubs so you hang as you put those items in. No matter what season it is you will hang and put in the correct tub. This will prevent delay and possibly running out of time when the sale approaches.
Attach shoes together.
Bag up toys.
Get puzzles together and wrapped with plastic wrap.

4. Clean your items as you go.

Cleaning supplies you should have on hand are Lysol wipes, magic eraser (dollar store has these), oxy clean and shoe polish. Clothing you will wash before you add those to your tubs,as, well as shoes. Toys and other items clean as you find them. Magic eraser is wonderful for toys and shoes that have marks on them. It will even get paint and crayon marks items. Lysol wipes are great to wipe everything down and get dust and dirt off. Items that are clean sell fast and are accepted. If items are not clean then they will be rejected at drop off. Staying on top of this makes life easier when entering items in.

5. Choose a day to tag!

Sort items by gender and size and take 24 items to the computer to enter. Print the tag there and lay tags on top of the pile. Then the next day cut and attach.

Exciting news ! Here We Grow Again is growing another sale to Zionsville in Spring 2017!

Indy West 9/28-10/1 at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds, Indy South 9/29-10/1 at Johnson County Fairgrounds, then Terre Haute 10/7-10/8 in the Ohio Building.

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