Indiana joins fight to block Obama’s new overtime rules

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(WISH) – Indiana is joining a fight to block President Obama’s new overtime rules, and early Black Friday predictions are already rolling in.

Indiana joined other states who sued the U.S. Department of Labor seeking to stop the Obama Administrations new overtime rules that go into effect in December.

Under the new rules, white-collar workers who earn less than $913 per week will be eligible for overtime, nearly doubling the previous weekly salary cap of $455.

The rules also include state employees, which could lead governments to lay off workers.

In other business headlines, Black Friday Ads said to expect more ads than ever, especially on mobile and online.

They predict 4K TVs will be the hot item this year.

Also toy deals could be more exclusive to certain stores this year and iPhone 7 deals will be offered with incentives like store gift cards.

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