School district says cafeteria worker’s lunch shaming claim is false

(KDKA Photo via CNN)

PITTSBURGH, PA (WCMH) — The cafeteria worker said she resigned after the district forced her to take hot lunches away from kids.

The school district however, told KDKA, those claims are false and that the woman’s Facebook post is wrong.

“That’s not true. By all accounts that have been shared with me that is not true,” Canon-McMillian’s Superintendent Michael Daniels said after being asked about the incident.

Stacy Koltiska is angry and said she’s not a liar; that she resigned because the district’s new program forced workers to take hot lunches away from students with delinquent bills.

“Why would I make this up? I’m not a liar and I don’t lie and I don’t appreciate this attack on my character. They’re making themselves look even worse,” said Koltiska.

Daniels told KDKA that the district does provide alternative meals to students whose parents have the ability to pay for lunch, but ignore overdue bills. However, he denies hot lunches were ever handed out and then taken away.

Koltiska claims she saw a child begin to cry when she took his chicken nuggets away and handed him a cheese sandwich instead.

But Daniels said that child did not cry and in fact, ate chicken nuggets after the cashier realized the boy’s account had been paid up. “When we realized his account was no longer delinquent, he received a hot lunch.”

Koltiska said the program is embarrassing to the students, but according to Daniels the program works and delinquent lunch bills have dramatically dropped.

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