Step team helps girls grow into successful young women

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Step past the side doors at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church on the city’s west side and you will find girls doing just that.

“Stepping is you make your own music with stepping, you use your hands and feet and make music,” said head coach Maranda Sanders, “We make our own rhythm and we just have fun.”

The G3 Steppers team was created in 2009.

“We started off with about two or three girls that we knew, you know, from our neighborhood, and it just grew from there,” Sanders said.

Kayla Aldridge was one of the first girls on the team.

“I like everything about it. I like the girls. I like the steps. I like the environment. Just everything. It’s a positive and fun place to come to,” she said.

Today, the team has close to 40 members.

“People started finding out about the group and we’ve done competitions and been invited to different organizations, community events, and we just started from there.”

The youngest members on the team are in kindergarten.

“I think that’s good cause they can grow up into it like I did,” said Ben Davis High School student Tanay Adams.

The team is living up to their name.

“G3 stands for girls growing into greatness,” said Sanders.

“G3 is more than just a step team, like it teaches us discipline and like things throughout life,” said Aldridge.

While the team says they are grateful for the space Friendship Missionary Baptist Church has provided them, they are looking for a new home.

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