Debate watchers sound off after first presidential debate

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH ) – Both of the Indiana campaigns held watch parties for Monday’s presidential debate.

Republicans held their party at Trump Headquarters in Carmel.

Democrats held theirs at Thunderbird in Fountain Square.

Organizers for Clinton’s party said 150-200 people RSVP’d for the event.

They said they wanted to see them go head to head on the economy, issues going on in the Middle East and race relations.

“This country is a free country for all of us. We are not about what he is talking about Mexicans, Blacks and Latinos and Muslims. We are all Americans,” said Saad Tawfeeq, a Clinton supporter

“From the moment he (Donald Trump) announced his candidacy, I thought it was a giant joke. At that point I hoped this moment would actually happen,” said Julie Anacker speaking of Clinton and Trump going head to head.

“There’s just a lot of questions and we’ve got to have somebody that’s studied that’s ready to go, that’s knowledgeable,” said Patsy Woods.

“Hillary has the knowledge she has the experience and people have to really think more than party lines, they have to think about the person who they think can lead this country and it’s not just the country, it’s the world,” said Michelle Neumann.

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