Police respond to clown sightings in two Fort Wayne neighborhoods

Police respond to clown sightings in two Fort Wayne neighborhoods. (Provided Photo/WANE)

 Fort Wayne, Ind. (WANE) – People in two different neighborhoods called the police after being scared by someone dressed up as a clown. The victims said this is no joke. One of the victims said a clown pulled a knife.

Both of the sightings happened around 8:30 p.m. Monday. One near the 700 block of Osage Street and the other was spotted near the intersection Chartwell and Guild Drive.

A 14-year-old girl who lives on Osage said she and her siblings were outside on the porch when they saw the clown coming toward them. They said the person was walking down the alley. The group ran inside but they said the clown continued to come after them.

Once they were in the house with the doors locked, they heard banging on the door. They said eventually the person went away.

“I didn’t see it go on the porch, I just saw it go past the trashcan and we were just hearing it knock from upstairs,” said Saliyah Coleman. “We turned the lights off.”

It got scarier for a 12-year-old girl on Chartwell. She said she was walking with her two brothers from the store near their home. When they walked into their apartment building she said they saw someone with a clown mask sitting on the steps.

According to the girl, that person tried to grab her arm and had a knife. She said the clown never said anything to her but she screamed and ran away. She and her brothers got in the house safely, but she said the clown tried to get in the door.

“I saw him and he tried to get my hand and pull it,” said Bara Wajan. “I screamed and got away and came inside and my family and he tried to go inside this door.”

The person who spotted the clown on Osage said she did not get a good look at what the person was wearing. She only saw the mask. The victim on Chartwell said the person was wearing the clown mask along with a black shirt, black pants, black shoes and may be about 5 foot 7.

It’s unclear if these two incidents are connected.