Colts receive criticism from Reggie Wayne

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Frustration has started to kick in for the 1-3 Indianapolis Colts.

“Absolutely. If you didn’t give a (expletive), excuse my French, and you didn’t care and you didn’t want to win, then it would be, ‘Hey, la-di-da, everything is okay,’” said head coach Chuck Pagano.

Even former Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne chimed in.

“I think that a big problem is a lot of the front office decisions,” Wayne, now an NFL Network analyst, said when asked if Andrew Luck is to blame for the team’s troubles.

“It’s about execution. Again, everybody is going to have an opinion and that’s great, but we have to execute better and whatever is called we have to run it better. I love Reggie and I have no comment beyond that about it,” said Andrew Luck.

T.Y. Hilton says you can easily avoid hearing criticism by turning off the TV. But when asked if he tunes in every once in a while, Hilton responded, “TV? No but I watched the Warriors last night, oh my God.”

As the team tries to block those outside voices, there is some good news for the Colts this week. They get defensive lineman Art Jones back after he served a four game suspension for using performance enhancing drugs.

“Absolutely, it was definitely frustrating watching. I know that we’ve got a great team, an amazing team. My season starts today and I can’t wait to do well,” said Jones.

“It’s always good to have a guy like Art back man. Veteran guy, been in the Super Bowl, won the Super Bowl, you know played in big games, and knows how to get things done mentally and physically, so it’s good to have Art back,” said Zach Kerr.

Jones is another piece to the puzzle that can hopefully get this Colts defense that ranks 30th in the league in points allowed per game back on track.