Study: Nearly 20 percent of Americans complete holiday shopping in October

Shoppers search for doorbusters during Macy's Lenox Black Friday store opening at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 27, 2014 in Atlanta. (John Amis/AP Images for Macy's)

(WISH) – Forty-seven-million people will have their holiday shopping finished by the end of this month, according to a new survey by

Just over 500 American adults were surveyed.

About 19 percent of Americans will have finished their holiday shopping by November. The study points out that Black Friday and Cyber Monday don’t really matter to these shoppers.

Ten percent of Americans will have their shopping behind them before December. That means 73 million people, about a third of our country’s population, will not be shopping in December.

The most popular time to shop is early to mid-December. Fifty percent reported to be a member of that category.

And, of course, there are procrastinators. Twenty percent finish their shopping the week of Christmas.

About 54 percent of the people said if having to choose they’d go online for all of their shopping instead of to a store. Forty percent of the respondents said they’ll be looking mostly on Amazon for deals.

The study says Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still going to be huge for retailers, but about 70 percent of people surveyed said they’ll wait to finish shopping in December. That means they aren’t convinced they’ll find what they want at the best price during those shopping days and want to see those December prices and sales.