Where to Get Coffee in Indy with Your Baby

It’s a good day when your kids are happy and occupied AND your cup of coffee is still warm when you finally get to sit down and drink it. Did we say sit down? Kate Amos is here from www.indywithkids.com, and she’s an expert when it comes to juggling coffee, conversation and kiddos.

Kate recommends arranging your meet-up with friends and other parents at these locations if you have children and a need a caffeine fix:

– Libraries & Malls have play spaces, seating and coffee vendors (or are very close to a coffee establishment with a drive thru.
– Bookstores have story times, children’s book selections and in some cases, a built in coffee shop!
– Jack’s Donuts is a favorite among parent groups, they offer tours to group of up to 10 + kiddos will decorate a donut and get some goodies and a drink. AND, all IndyStyle viewers KNOW that Jack’s has the best cup of coffee in town!
– The Urban Chalkboard is a play cafe. That means play + coffee and we can tell you that their seating area is perfect for a little adult conversation and the staff is wonderful with the kids!

For more ideas on where to play and caffeinate, check out our list on Indy with Kids or our free mobile app.

To learn more, visit www.indywithkids.com.