Bayh made millions after leaving office

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – ¬†Evan Bayh made millions in the six years since he last served in the U.S. Senate. It’s information included in a financial disclosure form just filed by the Democratic candidate.

Republicans are calling it a scandal.

Bayh’s financial disclosure form spells out how he earned $6 million in the last year and nine months.

Most of that money came from a law firm that does lobbying and a Wall Street banking firm.

The form also spells out how Bayh’s net worth increased by at least $11 million and by as much as $40 million or more in the six years since he left the Senate.

An Associated Press report over the weekend said that he spent substantial time in his last year in the Senate meeting with headhunters and potential employers.

The campaign of Republican Todd Young wants to know if there was a conflict of interest.

“Well, appearances matter and the fact is this looks really bad for Evan Bayh,” said campaign spokesman Jay Kenworthy. “It looks like he was trading votes in exchange for future employement and I think Hoosiers, when they see that, they’re going to have a negative response to it.”

“He met with them but they did not get anything from him if they were looking for it,” said Bayh adviser Dan Parker. “He voted against every single one of the folks he met with. He voted against the interests of the folks he ended up going to work for. So, the Young campaign, as I said, is just grasping at straws.”

The Bayh campaign, meantime, is trying to change the subject by pressuring Todd Young to make it clear whether he supports Donald Trump.

Young has never been a big Trump supporter but he did appear at a recent Fort Wayne rally alongside Trump running mate Mike Pence. He has not made it clear whether he will vote for Trump or not.