Nurse robbed at gunpoint, forced to drive from ATM to ATM

The incident happened Friday evening around 9 p.m. in the area near 86th Street and Michigan Road. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A nurse and her coworker were forced into a vehicle with at gun point. The suspect ordered them to drive from ATM to ATM. That man, is still on the loose.

It happened Friday night around 9:00 as the women were leaving work near 86th Street and Michigan Road.

Linda Patrick tearfully shared the heartbreaking thoughts that went through her head when a gunman approached her and her friend, “That I was probably going to die and how hard my husband had worked to pay for all of it.”

The two were leaving work, but the man caught them before they got to their cars.

“I heard someone speaking to my friend. So, when I turned around we thought it was one of the panhandlers asking her for money,” she said.

Instead, it was a man with a gun. He forced them into her car. As Patrick drove, he sat behind her, “He kept telling me to go faster, go faster and was hitting the back of the seat and my head with a gun.”

Patrick said the man forced her to drive to three different ATMs. Finally, stopping at the third where she withdrew $500, the maximum amount. Next, he moved on to her jewelry, specifically asking for the gold cross around her neck.

“He asked for the necklace. I said it’s a cross, do you really want that? He said no. You can keep that,” she said.

But, he did steal her wedding ring and a ring that her mother had passed down to her.

“I knew when he asked for it, I just knew I was probably going to die,” she cried.

The suspect terrorized the women for almost an hour, having Patrick drive around I-465. In those moments, Patrick’s mind was on her loved ones, “Mostly my family and Joy’s family.”

Much to their surprise, the suspect asked her to pull over to a dark area off of I-465 and State Road 36 where she dropped him off.

“It was so unreal because we weren’t really sure we had actually made it away from him,” said Patrick.

The women sped off and called police from the nearest gas station. Patrick said when she tried to get a good look at the suspect from the rear view mirror, he’d hit her on the back of her head with his gun.

If you have any information that could help in this investigation, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.