Pence hits the campaign trail once again, travels to North Carolina

Gov. Mike Pence spoke at the RNC on July 20, 2016. (Provided Photo/CNN)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It was a tumultuous weekend for the Republican ticket. Many urging Presidential Nominee Donald Trump to drop out and let his running mate Indiana Governor Mike Pence take on the nomination. Others have speculated Pence might pull himself off the ticket.

All of this follows the release of a 2005 video clips that included presidential nominee Donald Trump saying he could take sexual advantage of women because he was “a star.”

Trump apologized for the remarks. Pence said in a statement he was glad he did that, but could not condone Trumps remarks.

Despite the differences, when asked about Pence Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway told Politico Sunday “He’s never considered dropping out. He’s in 100 percent.”

During the debate Sunday, Trump was asked how to deal with ISIS including Russia and Syria’s President Bashar Assad, who are working together against ISIS. The moderator also included Pence’s stance that military action may need to be taken against Russia and the Assad regime if air-strikes continue.

“He and I haven’t spoken and I disagree. I disagree. I think you have to knock out ISIS. Right now Syria is fighting ISIS. We have people who want to fight both at the same time. But Syria is no longer Syria. Syria is Russia and it’s Iran who she made strong and Kerry and Obama made into a very powerful nation and a very rich nation very, very quickly. Very, very quickly. I believe we have to get ISIS,” Trump said.

Despite Trumps outward opposition to Pence’s take on the fight against ISIS, Pence tweeted words of support following the debate.

“Congrats to my running mate @realDonaldTrump on a big debate win! Proud to stand with you as we #MAGA”

Pence is scheduled to appear in North Carolina Monday at least twice. His schedule lists a town hall in Charlotte at 1 p.m., followed by a rally in Fletcher, North Carolina at 6 p.m.