Mike Pence turns to Clinton attacks at Iowa rally

(CNN Photo)

NEWTON, Iowa (WISH) — Governor Mike Pence tried to consolidate GOP support while he campaigned in Iowa Tuesday.

Pence conducted a rally in Newton, Iowa and he began with by repeating what he said Monday about Donald Trump showing humility and demonstrating that he’s “a big man” by apologizing at the Sunday debate.

Pence avoided mentioning that the apology was for vulgar remarks made on an open mic in that audio recorded 11 years ago and released on Friday.

But then he directed the majority of remarks at Hillary Clinton. He called her “Dishonest Hillary” and said she should’t compare herself to “Honest Abe.” It’s a reference to something she said in the Sunday debate.

It was part of an effort to convince people that this election is about choices.

“We learned through a Wikileaks email release today that the Obama Department of Justice was actually in communication with Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign while she was under investigation for having a private server,” he said.

He went on to say, “We learned again today that in a 2013 speech in Toronto to a business organization she may well have released classified information about the takedown of Osama bin Laden at a paid speach.”

At the end of the rally he took a few questions including one from a supporter who first wanted to tell him he earned respect by not bailing out on Donald Trump. The supporter said it showed character.