Pay raises for mayor, city staff memebers not final in Carmel

Carmel City Hall (WISH Photo/Joe Melillo)

CARMEL Ind. (WISH) – Mixed in with the annual budget in Carmel, there were a slew of pay raises for city staff members. The recommendations came after conducting a salary study. Carmel’s mayor was asking for a more than $50,00 increase.

Monday night, the Carmel Finance Committee voted to send the salary changes for elected officials back to the council, but this time with only a two percent increase for all elected officials.

The original proposal stemmed from a wage study for the city, it was the first in about a decade.

In addition to the mayor’s salary increase, the study included a 20 percent increase for Judge Brian Poindexter and a 28 percent pay boost for city council members.

The city said the study shows the increased numbers would match other similar cities. But Monday night, the City Finance Committee voted to lower the salary changes and start over at two percent for elected officials.

Councilman Bruce Kimball told WISH-TV that a large one time jump was a concern and that most on the council support the mayor and his value to the city, but the council felt whoever came after him would not bring the same value. Once the mayor’s salary is raised it cannot be lowered.

The council followed the salary survey and HR recommendations for non-elected officials.

At next Monday’s meeting, the council will discuss and could amend salaries or go with the finance committee recommendations. All salaries for non-elected city employees were approved.

The Carmel City Council will vote on the recommendations on Oct. 17.