The United Nations Humanitarian Agency makes emergency appeal for nearly $120 million

Homes destroyed by Hurricane Matthew stand in Moron, Haiti on Monday, Oct. 10, 2016. Nearly a week after the storm smashed into southwestern Haiti, some communities along the southern coast have yet to receive any assistance, leaving residents who have lost their homes and virtually all of their belongings struggling to find shelter and potable water. (AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery)

MARFRANC, Haiti (AP) — The United Nations humanitarian agency in Geneva has made an emergency appeal for nearly $120 million in hurricane relief aid for Haiti.

Officials say the impoverished nation has about 750,000 people in southwest Haiti alone that will need “life-saving assistance and protection” in the next three months.

It’s estimated that at least 1.4 million people across the region need assistance and that 2.1 million overall have been affected by Hurricane Matthew. Hundreds have been killed.