Indiana state flag designed by Mooresville man

MOORESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – The state flag is an important part of Indiana history, especially to people who live in Mooresville.

The flag was adopted in 1917 and designed by a Mooresville man named Paul Hadley.

“We really embrace the fact that we are the home of the state flag. It’s really a part of who we are,” said Susan Haynes with the bicentennial committee.

The torch and 19 star design of the state flag is showcased throughout town. It can be seen on the Mooresville High School football field, player helmets and a monument downtown.

Hadley was a well-known watercolor artist and had the winning submission in a contest to design the state flag in 1916.

Many people in town still feel a special connection to the artist and design that represents Indiana.

“The state flag means a lot. Where I grew up on South Street was just down the street from where they made the state flag,” said resident Larry Lundy.

As people in Mooresville celebrate Indiana’s bicentennial, they also celebrate the piece of history that’s on display throughout the state.

“Mooresville, the birthplace of the Indiana flag. That needs to be commemorated. It really does,” said resident, Alexander Dutch.

More of Paul Hadley’s artwork is on display at the Mooresville Public Library.