IMPD: Shootings at headquarters related, shooter could act again

IMPD: Shootings at headquarters related, shooter could act again. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Troy Riggs held a press conference Friday afternoon to discuss the shots fired at IMPD district headquarters Thursday after 11 p.m.

Chief Riggs announced Friday at 2 p.m. IMPD is still processing evidence and trying to gather some leads. He said not much has changed in the investigation.

“We are going to utilize our skills and tools from our federal partners for the investigation,” Chief Riggs said.

Mayor Joe Hogsett also spoke during the press conference. He said the act of the individual or individuals has united Indianapolis.

“To the individual responsible or individuals responsible for these acts, I have a different message to you on behalf of the people of Indianapolis. Your violent actions have united our city, not divided us and we will not waiver. Your senseless violence does not represent this community. Your senseless violence does not represent any group of people or gang or social movement. Your senseless violence represents one thing and one thing only, the acts of a coward who doesn’t deserve the honor of living in a city that is the home of the brave men and women of IMPD,” Hogsett said.

Hogsett ended his message and said, “We will find you, you will be arrested and you will be held fully accountable for these acts.”

Chief Riggs said he believes the individual or individuals involved are violent and have hatred toward officers. He said IMPD has had two shootings targeted at them and they believe the shooter is a shooting serial and will commit the act again.

On Thursday night, IMPD North District headquarters at 3120 E. 30th Street, near Washington Park was the second IMPD building to have been hit by bullets in 10 days.

Windows, walls and one vehicle were visibly damaged by bullets, but no one was hurt. At least one shot made it into the building, officials said.

At least two officers were inside at the time. When they stepped outside to investigate, the suspect had already fled.

Witnesses told police a vehicle sped away from the area.

Detectives believe the same suspect or suspects shot up IMPD’s Northwest District headquarters last Tuesday, damaging several windows but not injuring anyone.

“[The shooter] is certainly violent,” IMPD Chief Troy Riggs said early Friday. “And as we said before, we believe he will continue this type of violence until he is captured. We continue to put more resources — investigation is continuing. I’m not going to get into the type of evidence that we have located at the scene or at the other scene because quite frankly there’s very little evidence and we need to keep this close to our vest in pursuit of this individual.”

Anyone with information on this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477).