WISH-TV’s Nerd Panel discusses CW premieres

CW releases their fall line up for prime time. (Provided Photo/CW)

Meet our Nerds:

Joe Melillo: By day (early, early day) we know him as a mild-mannered Daybreak reporter. But once that tally light goes dark, he bolts to the nearest phone booth (those are still a thing?), spins around, faster than a speeding bullet, and emerges a Nerd! An avid fan of both Pokémon cards and Pokémon Go, Joe started out a Batman fan, because, of course, his dad was really Batman.

Joy Hernandez: Holding down the night-side shift as an editor and photographer, Joy usually prefers “Make Mine Marvel!” but loves many of the CW shows. Diving into the Arrow on Day One, Joy has built up her Nerd-cred over 25 years of reading comic books. From Gen-X to Kamala Kahn, from Flash to Supergirl, Joy loves to see her superheroes have some fun. Oh yeah, and The 100, Frequency, and Jane the Virgin rocks too.

Jeff Williams: Jimmy Olsen to Joe’s Clark Kent (Get it? Because one’s a photographer and one’s a reporter!), Jeff spends his mornings in production, making sure Daybreak and Indy Style keep it Nerd. He loves the MCU, but isn’t sold on Marvel’s small screen work; and loves the Berlanti-Verse, but wasn’t thrilled by Superman VS Batman. Grant Gustin’s Flash stole the show for Jeff, and pushed Superman out of the way to become his favorite. Run, Jeff! Run!

In this episode of Nerd Panel, we discuss the premiere of The Flash, Season 3, AKA “Flashpoint.” Was it paced too slow for you? Just right? Do you, too, have questions about how this has changed the Berlanti-verse as we know it? Join us and discuss.