Children’s Museum hosts annual toy testing

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)  – The community will learn on Friday what kids will pick as this year’s favorite toys.

The Childen’s Museum of Indianapolis is hosting the 18th Annual Kid-Tested, Kid-Approved event Friday.

Kids visiting will have a selection of 32 unique, engaging, educations and just fun toys to choose from.

The top ten were announced Friday afternoon:

  1. Mad Mattr Doh – Molding dough that never dries out; enhances fine motor skills, imaginative and sensory play (ages 3+)
  2. String Thing – Transforms string into magical moving rainbow; generates wave patterns and interactive shapes that defy gravity (ages 8+)
  3. Pop ‘N Catch – Click the cup holder to launch the ball for your partner to catch; encourages outdoor physical activity (ages 3+)
  4. VEX Robotics Catapult – Machine that stores kinetic energy to launch projectiles at varying distances-some over 10 feet (ages 8+)
  5. Flamingo Marionette – It dances, walks, hops and encourages imaginative play (ages 3+)
  6. Robot Mouse – Learn to program, code, and problem solve with this puzzle (ages 5+)
  7. Laser Tops – Winding toy that uses balance and centrifical force (ages 4+)
  8. Liquid Color Tiles – Liquid encased tiles demonstrate art in movement; physical activity encouraged through dance and jumping (all ages)
  9. Design & Drill Flower Power – Engineering and art principles used to construct a flower garden (ages 3+)
  10. Tegu Magnetic Blocks – Teaches the basic principles of magnets; ignites imagination (ages 3+)

It’s all in anticipation of the gift-giving holiday season.