The Film Yap reviews “The Accountant”, “Kevin Hart: What Now?” and more!

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• The Accountant


Ben Affleck plays a CPA who’s an autistic math genius and also part Jason Bourne in this odd but often entertaining dramatic thriller. Co-starring Anna Kendrick and J.K. Simmons.”


• Kevin Hart: What Now?


The diminutive comedian with the outsized personality and funny bone expresses his thoughts on love, money, fame and childrearing in this concert film that also features a James Bond-esque opening.”


• Denial


Rachel Weisz plays an American academic forced to defend herself against a notorious British Holocaust denier (Timothy Spall) in this drama based on a true story.”


• Max Steel


A regular teen (Ben Winchell) becomes special with the aid of a wisecracking robotic alien friend in this down-market superhero flick.”


• American Honey


Shia LaBeouf and Sasha Lane play wayward youngsters living the wild life as part of a traveling magazine sales team in this epic-length paean to misfits.”


• The Legend of Tarzan – Skip It


Alexander Skarsgard shows some killer abs but not much life in this nth iteration of the ape-man saga. Skip It.”

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