Wayne Township hit with back to back tragedies after death of teacher and student

WAYNE TOWNSHIP, Ind. (WISH) — An Indianapolis community is dealing with back to back tragedies after the death of a teacher and a student.

Both died in separate crashes this week.

Wayne Township lost kindergarten teacher Erika Wells and high school senior Frank Wilson on Wednesday.

Dozens of people attended a candlelight vigil Friday evening to remember Wilson.

“He was very ambitious he was one of those guys that could pick me up when I’m down,” said Johnny Langley, friend.

Family and friends returned to the scene of the accident to pay their respects.

“I want people, who did know Frankie to be able to carry on his legacy,” said Langley.

Langley put together the vigil for his friend.

“I feel like it will help his family and that’s one of the main reasons I wanted to do it to support his family,” said Johnny Langley, friend. “Let his family know that we love him and his family.”

Langley said he and Wilson participated in the JROTC program at Ben Davis.

“He was actually currently in the national guard he had completed basic over the summer boot camp,” he said. “After he graduate he would have gone to AIT to do his training his infantry training.”

Wilson died when police said the car he was riding in got t-boned by another car. The crash happened at Whitcomb and 10th Street Wednesday night.

“He was coming back from going for dinner for his birthday,” said Tamela Peoples, Wilson’s mother.

Tamela Peoples said her son turned 19-years-old. She attended the vigil with her daughter.

“I know he’s a good but to have others reflect that we’re glad to have known him that’s a wonderful thing,” she said.

Peoples described her son as patriotic. She said he knew what he wanted to do when he was five years old.

“He liked the military and he was disciplined he took it seriously and I think for such a young person that was great to see,” she said.

Peoples said she’s proud of her son for his accomplishments and his impact on the community.

“Stand of positivity with him that he wouldn’t want this to be gloomy time,” she said. “He would want people to be happy to remember him in a good way.”

Friends said Wilson will have a military funeral. A date has not been scheduled yet.