Man takes extreme measures following stolen Trump signs

A Colorado man, Chuck Corry, is tired of his Trump signs being damaged and stolen. (Provided Photo/KXRM)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co.(KXRM) – A traditional way of showing your support for presidential candidates may be bumper stickers or signs.

One local man has encountered his share of challenges in his effort to show his support for Donald Trump. Chuck Corry has made it a habit to post signs on his property but none have caused such a stir as the Donald Trump / Pence sign.

“I’m a Trump supporter,” Corry said. “But, I’m also pissed off.”

Corry is frustrated because he’s had to put up 5 signs over the last three weeks in his front yard. Now, he’s taken extreme measures to try and keep it intact.

The retired oceanographer added fence posts and put a spike board down. In case someone tries to run it over, they’ll sputter away with flat tires.

“I’ve been doing this for 16 years and I’ve had an occasional sign stolen.  I’ve never had these kind of problems,” Corry said.

The 78-year-old has built in additional support to show his support.  He’s put up plumbers tape, glue, steal cable, dog leash anchors and one more ingredient.

“Skunk spray!”  Corry swears it’s been a deterrent.  His sign has stood for a solid week.   He’s also sprayed WD-40 on it too in case someone tries to paint over it.

Even the opposing party isn’t condoning this behavior.

Kathleen Ricker, the chair of the  El Paso County Democrats said, “As long as we respect each other and rights to have signs, we’re all be okay. It’s our First Amendment right.”

Corry says he’s invested about $60 and six-man hours and he thinks it’s paid off – it’s been up for a solid week.

He said he’ll be ready if there’s another attempt to take it down.

“I’m a stubborn old man and  a former Marine,”  Corry added. “You wanna play games?  Okay, I’m good at playing games.”

This is not an isolated incident.

It’s happened across the nation – one man in Lexington, Kentucky has chained his Trump sign to the ground to avoid theft.

Another man boobie-trapped his sign with electrical fence wire.