Everyone can be an artist, thanks to a local business

Can’t draw? Don’t consider yourself an artist? No problem! Now you can do it all, thanks to local business, Gifted Custom Art. We learn how it all works with Founder Kevin West and CEO Kelly Hipskind. Take a look!

• About its Founding
o Founded in 2014 by professional artist Kevin West, Gifted Custom Art is an Indianapolis-based company that makes it possible for everyone – no matter the skill level – to become an artist.
o The ideas sparked when Kevin had a vision to teach kids how to paint while he laid in the hospital battling stage 3 cancer.
o The idea for Gifted Custom Art was born immediately following Kevin’s surgery to remove a football-sized tumor from his hamstring.
o While he was in the garage painting, Kevin’s six-year-old daughter asked if he could draw a picture that she could paint.
o Kevin turned her photo into a simplified paint-by-number version and was amazed by how his daughter – who had very little paint experience – could create something so amazing.
o After the idea experience immediate popularity and growth, Kevin presented the idea to his old college basketball teammate and serial entrepreneur, Kelly Hipskind.
o Since Kevin and Kelly shared a parallel passion for faith, fun and events, the duo formed a partnership and decided to take Gifted Custom Art national with Kelly as the CEO.
o Since its founding, the duo has evolved Gifted Custom Art into a cutting-edge company that allows everyone to become an artist with help from its innovative photo conversion system.


• About the Company
o Using proprietary technology, Gifted Custom Art enables individuals to upload a photo and turn it into a paint-by-number project.
o Gifted Custom Art uses unique patent-pending software to provide customers with an accurate depiction of a photo in a paint-by-number format unlike anything on the market.
o People can enjoy this fun and easy paint-by-number experience by purchasing one of the company’s in-home products, like the Home Edition Kit, or attending a Gifted Custom Art event hosted by one of its licensed partners that are local and nationwide.
o Gifted Custom Art’s Home Edition Kits turns a favorite memory into a one-of-a-kind paint-by-number experience that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.
o To receive a kit, simply upload a favorite photo on the Gifted Custom Art website and Gifted Custom Art will transform it into a paint-by-number outline printed on a 16” x 20” gallery wrapped canvas.
o Home Edition Kits are delivered straight to your doorstep and include five paint brushes, five colors of acrylic paint, a disposable plastic smock and a one-of-a-kind fold-up easel – everything you need to create a beautiful piece of custom art.
o Gifted Custom Art also offers Party in a Box (a set of four or more kits), perfect for bachelorette parties, a girls’ night out, date nights and more.
o For large groups, team-building activities and more, Gifted Custom Art offers Mosaics, where one image is enlarged and printed over any number of canvases.

Be sure and enter the promo code, ‘indystyle’ at checkout to receive $70 off your order! Your canvas will only be $30, plus shipping and handling!

To learn more, visit:
• Website: www.giftedcustomart.com
• Facebook: www.facebook.com/GiftedCustomArt/?fref=ts
• Instagram: www.instagram.com/giftedcustomart/