Monroe County candidate for treasurer promises voters ‘I won’t steal’

Monroe County candidate for treasurer promises voters “I won’t steal” (Provided Photo/WTHI)

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (KWQC) – Ann Collins wants Monroe County voters to know that, if elected treasurer, she will not steal from them. And, as a bonus, she can count.

Collins now has a giant billboard that professes both attributes in remarkably blunt fashion.

“We’ve had the last auditor charged with a felony and the one before that plead guilty to 6 felonies for using the county credit card, for faking travel vouchers etc.,” Collins tells KWQC by email.

“We’ve had the treasurer and auditor not balance the books that cost the county $150,000 for a consultant to do it. We’ve had theft in the city of Bloomington for over $800,000.”

Collins, a real estate investor running for treasurer as a Republican, said she recently helped lead a citizens campaign that resulted in the resignation of the county’s most recent auditor.

A photo of Collins posing beneath her billboard that promises “I won’t steal and I know how to count!” has brought national attention to this local race in Indiana.

One person reacting to the photo posted on Facebook, “Great straight forward and simple message, Ann. Good luck!!”

Another post, apparently from someone who lives outside Monroe County, reads, “I wish I lived in your district, you’d get my vote for sure!”