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Tired of hair loss? Losing your self-confidence? Take a listen to the first-hand experiences of Darren Andrews, Clinic Director/Patient, and Nick Hannah, Patient of PAI for a couple of years with a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting procedure and Laser Hair Therapy.

Together, they explain to Tracy how completely changed their lives.

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™:

• Transplants more hairs per procedure/visit than standard transplants (reduces cost & maximizes results)
• Natural results
• Virtually painless
• Trademarked PAI procedure

Laser Hair Therapy:

• FDA approved
• Stimulates hair follicles with low level laser light
• Breaks up DHT buildup (testosterone by product) which causes many cases of hair loss

Nick’s results from PAI’s Multi-Unit Hair Grafting ® and Laser Hair Therapy:


See Nick Hannah’s Testimonial:

• Nick started losing hair at an early age.
• He wanted to build his confidence back up
• 2 years later and he still has “zero regrets”
• All of the hair on top of his head is transplanted hair

ARTAS® Robotic FUE Hair Transplants are the latest in Hair Transplant Technology resulting in:

  • Minimal Downtime
  • No Linear Scar
  • No Suture






See Justin Jones Post-Op Video:

Darren Andrews is Clinic Director for PAI Medical Group Indiana






                   Darren Before                                     Darren After

He Began as a PAI patient with Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™, several years ago

See the Latest Technology with PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma, as Darren Andrew explains utilizing your own stem cells to restore your thinning hair:

What results can you expect from PAI?

The hair is permanent, natural and will grow for the rest of your life. GUARANTEED. It IS your hair! Call for a Free Evaluation. A very private, personal evaluation and find out why you are losing your hair and which procedure will work for you. 1-888-PAI-5129 for more information or go online to to schedule a free hair and scalp analysis. Don’t forget! Hair Transplants can be as effective for women as they are for men!!

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