Pence blends media bias, voter fraud to talk about rigged elections

(CNN Photo)

MASON, Ohio (WISH) РGovernor Mike Pence played up the possibility of a rigged election in campaign rallies Monday.

He told a crowd in Mason, Ohio that CNN is showing Donald Trump ahead by 4 points in the Buckeye state. That tells you that he’s paying attention to the media.

But it didn’t stop him from going on to criticize the media.

He is blending his message about voter fraud, he said it can’t be tolerated, with one about media bias as he talked about a rigged elections.

“And I have no doubt the national media’s trying to rig this election with their biased coverage in Hillary Clinton’s favor,” he said.

“But in terms of the actual vote itself,” he went on to say, “if you’re here at a rally and you’ve not yet volunteered to participate in th electoral process by respectfully providing accountability at a polling place on Election day then you haven’t yet done all that you can do.”

At the same time Pence told the people in that crowd that they should be confident in the wisdom of the American people.

And over the weekend he said that he and Donald Trump will accept the election results win or lose.

All of this takes place as a Washington PAC began running radio ads in Indianapolis that accuse Pence of voter suppression.

They’re talking about the State Police investigation into the Indiana Voter Registration Project. A Pence spokesman over the weekend called the charge “beyond absurd” but it has stirred emotions both among conservative voters and the minority voters who believe they’ve been targeted.