Election animosity: detectives investigate stolen signs, broken window

Police in Delaware County are looking into stolen campaign signs and vandalism. (WISH photo)

DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. (WISH)–Detectives are investigating multiple thefts of campaign signs and a case of vandalism.

Tim Glidden said, over the past two months, someone stole four campaign signs from his front lawn.

“It feels intrusive into my right that I can show my own political affiliation and who I support on my own property,” Glidden said.

Glidden lives in Delaware County, where police said someone stole three signs over the past week. Glidden said he did not report the thefts from his lawn because he didn’t want to bother police.

County Democratic leaders condemned theft and vandalism in a phone call with 24-Hour News 8.

That’s one thing both parties agree on.

Early this month, someone threw a landscaping block through the window of Delaware County’s GOP headquarters. Chairman Will Statom said people vandalize the building every year, but the broken window is the worst damage he’s seen.

“If you can’t express your political views or religious views without retaliation from unnamed individuals, it’s pretty pathetic,” Statom said.

Glidden said he’s not worried about getting his signs back. He’s more worried about Americans working out their differences.

“Maybe we could just try to unite locally on things that we do agree on and start building from there,” Glidden said.

Delaware County Sheriff Ray Dudley said taking signs is a crime and his office will pursue charges against any thief.