Explore the beginnings of scientific psychiatry and modern medicine with the Indiana Medical History Museum

Imagine this! A wizard-themed hands-on science program for kids and families. Sounds fun, right?! That’s what’s happening at the Indiana Medical History Museum’s 12th Annual Wizards Academy. All the fun begins Sunday, October 23, at 2pm.


Here are a few details:

-Tickets are $8 and are available on Eventbrite or at www.imhm.org and www.Facebook.com/imhmuseum.
-The program is recommended for grades 3-6.
-We start with a live animal show from Animalia, Inc. in our amphitheater, and then families are “sorted” into Houses and attend hands-on “magical” science classes in the historic laboratories throughout the building; this year is a special Mystery Edition in which a terrible (but not scary) crime has occurred, and the clues found through the activities in each class with help the students solve the crime. This year, our House names (which change every year) are named after scientists who made early discoveries related to forensic science.

To learn more, visit www.imhm.org.