Rose-Hulman graduate is Chief Executive of Caterpillar

Jim Umpleby, a Rose-Hulman graduate, is Chief Executive of Caterpillar.

(WISH) – A Rose-Hulman graduate will now lead a major American company, and Netflix is reporting a surge in new members.

A Rose-Hulman graduate is the new Chief Executive of Caterpillar.

Jim Umpleby, who earned a degree in mechanical engineering in 1980, will take over next year.

Umpleby has been with Caterpillar for 35 years. He currently leads the company’s energy and transportation business.

In other business headlines, there must have been a lot of binge watching going on over the summer.

Netflix said its shows like Stranger Things and Narcos helped it crush subscriber expectations.

The company also said it plans to grow more internationally.

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