Cocktails and Chemo: “Stay Glam”

She’s inspired thousands of people by sharing her personal journey on caring for a loved one with cancer. Amanda Evans-Clark, founder of the Cocktails and Chemo Foundation, joins Samantha Smith, wife of former Butler Basketball Player Andrew Smith, to chat about an event that’s supporting caregivers and providing one-of-a-kind care packages to those who need them most.


The “Stay Glam” event is Friday, Oct. 21 at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon, from 7-9 p.m.

About the Cocktails and Chemo Foundation:

The Cocktails and Chemo Foundation’s mission is to create a support network for the often forgotten caregivers of cancer patients by providing one-of-a-kind care packages.

The definition of being #JoeStrong is living and loving for all of the people around you.

Joe Clark’s biggest challenges through his cancer diagnosis were worrying about the people he loved and knowing they’d be okay.

The Cocktails and Chemo Foundation is committed to lifting the spirits of the people who are often left to carry the load of their entire family as their spouse fights cancer.

Our Foundation is focused on making the caregivers feel loved, special and most importantly… not alone.

In the words of Joe Clark, “When the going get tough, the tough get going.  People are strongest when they have no other choice.  These experiences CAN have positive outcomes.  If you want them to… ”

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