Ball State students making documentary on meth addiction

(WISH Photo)

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — A group of Ball State University students are fighting back against drug abuse with cameras and questions.

Journalism students are creating a documentary called “Unmasked,” focusing on Muncie’s meth problem.

The project started when a local charity, The Ball Brothers Foundation, reached out to BSU. They wanted to show the public the widespread effects of meth and help find solutions to the problem.

On Wednesday, the students surrounded a former drug addict with lights and cameras for an interview.

Junior Sophie Gordon asked the woman a series of questions about her road to recovery.

“Learning to be a productive member of society is hard,” the woman responded.

Students hope to complete the film in December and air it on local PBS stations.

They’ve already tagged along with the county sheriff’s department for a drug bust, but Gordon knows the problem needs more than just policing.

“I think by interviewing these former addicts and putting a face to the problem, there’s going to be some real change that can be made,” Gordon said.

In 2015, police discovered 234 meth labs in Delaware County — more than any other county in the state.

Terry Heifetz is a BSU instructor and co-director of the project. He shared a clip Friday of students and police finding meth lab supplies in a local alleyway.

“Sometimes people hit a bump in the road, but there’s a road to recovery,” Heifetz said. “We think that, not only can people recover from meth addiction, but the community can as well.”

Students are also working on a magazine and website on the same topic.